about us

A brief note about ourselves: we are a couple from Tehran, Iran who currently live in the US.  We are two students, two individuals who have been very fortunate to be involved in activities and are learning things that could potentially help improve the quality of life and safety, especially in developing countries.  As a good friend (http://nazykaviani.blogspot.com/) puts it, “we are citizens of this planet” and there is really no reason why we should limit our thoughts and solutions to a particular city.  But, we must start somewhere, and where is more special and more familiar than your hometown?  We care a great deal about Iran and its people, and hope to be involved in solving some of the problems it currently faces.  This is our passion and our responsibility in many levels.  If you share our passion, join us on this weblog and share your thoughts and ideas, and stay in touch.

…Please note that this weblog is meant to remain non-political


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