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18 08 2008

[By Shideh]   Another interesting article for TehranShake readers:


Published Aug 9, 2008
Aug. 18-25, 2008 issue


The Star Students of the Islamic Republic
Forget Harvard—one of the world’s best undergraduate colleges is in Iran.

By Afshin Molavi | NEWSWEEK
 Stanford University‘s Electrical Engineering Department were startled when a group of foreign students aced the notoriously difficult Ph.D. entrance exam, getting some of the highest scores ever. That the whiz kids weren’t American wasn’t odd; students from Asia and elsewhere excel in U.S. programs. The surprising thing, say Stanford administrators, is that the majority came from one country and one school: Sharif University of Science and Technology in Iran.
Stanford has become a favorite destination of Sharif grads. Bruce A. Wooley, a former chair of the Electrical Engineering Department, has said that’s because Sharif now has one of the best undergraduate electrical-engineering programs in the world. That’s no small praise given its competition: MIT, Caltech and Stanford in the United States, Tsinghua in China and Cambridge in Britain.
Sharif’s reputation highlights how while Iran makes headlines for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s incendiary remarks and its nuclear showdown with the United States, Iranian students are developing an international reputation as science superstars. Stanford’s administrators aren’t the only ones to notice. Universities across Canada and Australia, where visa restrictions are lower, report a big boom in the Iranian recruits; Canada has seen its total number of Iranian students grow 240 percent since 1985, while Australian press reports point to a fivefold increase over the past five years, to nearly 1,500…

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One response

18 08 2008

Sharif does have great students and so do many other universities in Iran. however, i dont think we can compare Iranian students who study abroad with the youngsters/students of that country because those of us who get to leave the country are among a certain sociocultural level most of the times. and it also is extremely context related. in the Eastern culture pursuing higher education a mainstream value where it does not matter at all if you are a doctor, a prof. or a garbage man in North American context. of course everything is relative and what i am saying does not apply to all and always.
i just dont like how some of us use “hoosh-e Irani ha” or “Koroush va Dariush” to cover up what we really are now.

by the way, i read all your previous posts, keep up the good work!
it was nice to see you too so now i have a picture of the writer of this blog!

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