earthquake prone tehran (continued…)

14 06 2008

An educational documentary broadcast from inside Iran also recommended by Mr. Alireza Sarvi:




4 responses

17 06 2008

what you are doing is great. i try to either introduce your blog to as many pp as i can or just sent the info you provide to as many as i can
great job Shideh jaan

26 06 2008

Shideh Jaan,
hope all is well! i miss you and just want to drop by and say hi!

26 06 2008

Shadi joon,
thanks so much for all your encouragement and support. I’m so happy you visit me here on TehranShake often. I’m in the process of writing the rest of the Kurdestan story.
many many thanks and keep in touch

4 07 2008

Great post! I am going to put this up on my website as well, get the word out. I like the fact that this video is building awareness of the danger. The only thing it lacks is…well, I don’t see any clear solutions proposed. Moody and poetic. Where are the answers? Keep them coming!

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