earthquake prone tehran | تهران زلزله خیز

13 06 2008

[By Shideh]   Mr. Alireza Sarvi kindly sent us his article on the earthquake risks that Tehran currently faces; to download the complete article, please click on:  earthquake prone tehran

If you have difficulty downloading the entire file, please try downloading one page at a time as: part_1, part_2, part_3, part_4, part_5, part_6


It’s a great overview of Tehran’s geological and construction history and the risks involved; an insightful and critical study which you may find helpful.




3 responses

14 06 2008

thanks for sharing this, you know Tehran earthquake is one of biggest nightmares, considering the infrastructure and ..,. what i am saying? you know way better than me!
i will have my family and friends read it
much love

15 06 2008

Shadi joon,
you are right, it’s definitely a nightmare. I can’t even imagine what will remain after a major earthquake in Tehran. The scale of damage and destruction won’t be comparable to Bam, it’ll be more devastating for the Tehranis and for the country. I think it may also largely change Iran’s geopolitical position in the region and will endanger the government as well as the country’s security (both internally and externally).
These are all side effects of concentrating the backbone of the country’s opportunities, investments, and power in one fragile location that will sooner or later face a major earthquake. The danger is real and unfortunately we tend to forget when something is not an immediate threat.
All we can do is to raise public awareness I guess, to raise public consciousness in individual decisions and hope to affect the system from bottom up. It is a frustrating game.
Gladly though, there are a few hard-working groups in Iran who are making much progress, despite the obstacles. The scale of the problem is beyond their capacity, however, without public help.

17 04 2010
Soraya Nazemi

I would like to have map of shakes on north Tehran region

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