immediately after an earthquake

22 05 2008

[By Shideh]   A friend forwarded this link to me, which has been used at a few elementary schools in the Bay Area (California) — a quiz on how to act immediately after an earthquake. 

I found it extremely useful, as there were many questions that I didn’t answer correctly.  It’s important to note, however, that these are mostly procedures useful for California where most places are built properly for withstanding major earthquakes.  IIEES has published more applicable preparedness packages for Iran and countries with similar methods of construction.  I will explain those methods as soon as I find the details.

This is a fun way to test you knowledge and make sure you are prepared for an earthquake, if you live in California or other earthquake prone areas in first world countries.  Enjoy:




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27 05 2008

oh! i found this most helpful especially for folks living in Iran. i sent it for my brother and a bunch of friends who live in Tehran. thanks so much for sharing it Shideh Jaan

28 05 2008

Shadi joon,
A few parts of this link may not be applicable to Tehran and other cities in Iran or developing countries in general. It’s mostly based on the assumption that the structure that you are in will not collapse in the case of an earthquake (which is not necessarily applicable to Iran and is useful for first world countries). So, I think it’s good to read it for now, but I will find better techniques for Iran in the next few weeks and will post them on this blog. I think IIEES in Tehran has come up with better protection techniques during earthquakes that are applicable to their specific methods of construction.
I’ll write more soon.

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