heading to zagros

21 04 2008

We are heading to Iran this weekend to attend a very exciting and special conference on Zagros Tranditional Settlements in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, organized by the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture, and Urbanism. We will write much more about the lectures and sites; but please let us know if there is anything specific that you want us to pay attention to, take pictures of, or ask the experts attending and/or presenting at the conference.



Photo courtesy of International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture, and Urbanism





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21 04 2008

WOW am i excited for you folks! i am no expert in the field so i couldnt possibly have anything in specific to ask but i am sure it will be a great experience for you and you will have a lot to write here and we will have a lot to read and learn. have fun, enjoy, see, chat, breathe, take pictures and share it all with us when you return.
all the best to you two,

22 04 2008

Dear Shadi,
thanks so much for your note. We will definitely do and will write all about it.
I also really look forward to breathing the Zagros air more than anything. There is something about the nature in Iran, and particularly Zagros, I can’t really define it because it’s not pure beauty. There, you can feel the time and the glory of the mountains in a different way;

Jaat khaalee khahad bood, we will take many pictures

24 04 2008

Dear Shideh
It is pretty good to hear that you are heading to Iran again. I think this conference is planned from 30th April to 2nd May. I will be in Tehran on Tuesday, 6th May, for attending and delivering some lectures in the 4th National Conference of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, [See its website at: (http://4ncce.ut.ac.ir ) ]. I don’t know whether I can meet you in your return or not. By the way, I appreciate your deep interest in our ancient civilization. Hope you can take the most advantage of this trip. As you said, being there, you can really feel the beauty of the nature in Iran. It is really something more beautiful than what everyone can think about. You should be there and see, feel, breathe and enjoy.
All the best

24 04 2008

Dear Ehsan,
thank you so much for your comment. It’s great to hear about this conference, I had no idea. It sounds very exciting. I would like to come, if it is possible. I think we are in Tehran on the first day of this conference. Please let me know if it is open to public or to other civil engineering students from abroad. I will search on their website, but it would be very helpful if you know how to do this, since I didn’t previously register.
thank you and we hope to see you soon

25 04 2008
Ehsan Nikooee

Dear Shideh
Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be any restriction for other students of civil engineering to come and attend. But I recommend your giving them a call and/or sending there an email to check your status of registration. The conference registration is open until April 29. [Please follow the link below to electronically fill the conference registration form: http://4ncce.ut.ac.ir/modules/conference/registration.php ]. A payment should be made to the Tejrat Bank and its receipt should be scanned and uploaded to the site via this page. For more details, I strongly recommend that you email Dr. Montazeri (mnamin@ut.ac.ir ) and/or Dr. Marefat (mmarefat@ut.ac.ir), I guess they are key people in this conference and may facilitate your attending the conference.
All the best

29 04 2008

Bon Voyage and have a good time Shideh Jan. How exciting! I can’t wait to hear about your trip my friend. Be shekoofe ha, be baaran, berasan salaam-e ma ra.

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