tehran’s official site

4 04 2008

[By Shideh]   I came across the official website of the city of Tehran, while looking for some information regarding the duties and power of the Mayor.  This site provides detailed information on different aspects of life in Tehran ranging from history, policy, and urban planning to education, tourism, and much more, which you might find useful: http://www.tehran.ir




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4 04 2008


4 04 2008

you know Shideh jaan, i my last trip to Tehran, seeing the traffic, street children and the big bosses who drop them at their locations, the beautiful old houses which were increasingly demolished to be replaced by ugly towers, the trees that were cut in the middle of the night, and i can go on for ever, created so much resentment and disappointment in my heart and (i have to be honest) i am so biased that i could not really sit down and look at the website carefully. I am sure it provides the reader with good info about Tehran, but not the Tehran i knew and wished to see …

6 04 2008

You are right Shadi joon. I feel the same sometimes and I completely understand your emotions and feelings. The saddest part is that this doesn’t stop at Tehran; most major cities in Iran are facing the same fate. I was about to cry when we landed in Shiraz this summer. I was shocked to see how beautiful gardens were replaced by ugly and distasteful buildings and how pollution, traffic jams, ugly buildings, and ugly colors are replacing the once gorgeous and ancient city of Shiraz, the pride of our country. It is disappointing, and I wanted to find a way to get an appointment with the mayor and see what is going on. I tried to talk to the people and they all only complained and no one knew why this was happening. Taxi drivers blamed politics, people blamed all sorts of things, I blame the people. I think it’s their fault for not being involved, regardless of the financial difficulties they have been facing and regardless of the 8-year long war.
We are responsible for this trend Shadi joon, and we need to understand the problem in order to better attack it. It’s our fault (mine, yours, and other Tehranies) that the trees are cut during the night and so much negativity is currently under way. We need to accept this responsibility and start to take action, even if we are not in Tehran. We all have family members there and each time we educate them about something they can do to help their city, we have come a step forward. I think this is the responsibility of our generation and we have no excuses in the age of information technology and knowledge.
Please let me know what you think about this, these are just my thoughts and I would love to know more about your emotions and philosophy.
khoob o khosh baashee Shadi joon, and stay in touch.

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