12 03 2008

[By Shideh]   It is this time of the year again; Yaade Norooz e Tehran Bekheir.  I feel the nature’s longing for spring, I feel its heart beat for spring, its open arms to welcome spring as the trees, flowers, and every living creature (on the northern hemisphere) show their excitement for the New Year and are once again filled with life, waiting to greet a new day, Norooz.  I want to deeply clean our house this weekend, clean every closet, every little detail that has been neglected for a year.  I want to wear new clothes, get a hair cut, learn new things, meet new people, and send letters/emails/text messages to people I have already been fortunate to know.  I want to be all prepared to greet Norooz this year, to be in phase with my surroundings in welcoming Spring into our little house in Berkeley, this wonderful Iranian tradition that I can’t imagine living without. 


My mother has grown “sabzeh” for everyone in  my family this year (a type of plant/herb, a “haft seen” item as a part of the Norooz tradition).  Every morning I wake up to see that it has grown noticeably, as if it has realized that Norooz is coming in a week and it has to grow to a decent size before Norooz enters the house.  Flowers in our little yard are all prepared and full of excitement and life while quietly waiting, as if they are holding their breath, looking at each other with their shiny eyes, hiding their smile, waiting…    Read the rest of this entry »