nevada quake

21 02 2008

[By Shideh]   This morning, at 6:16am local time, a strong earthquake of magnitude 6 struck the northeast corner of the state of Nevada in the U.S., which damaged buildings in a small town near the epicenter. This earthquake was apparently felt as far away as southern California.  The USGS recorded eight aftershocks between magnitudes 3 and 4 in the hours following the first shake.


There are records of collapsed building fronts and bricks crushing cars (according to CNN), as well as cracked walls. Fortunately, the authorities have confirmed only one minor injury. 

Important observation for everyone, especially Iran’s northern cities where some houses are built out of wood and there are large forests: the main water line shut down because of leaks caused by the temblor during the earthquake this morning, in the city of Wells, Nevada.  The breakage of water lines was what ruined the city of San Francisco in 1906 after the earthquake as the fire started while major water lines were shut down and fire fighters couldn’t effectively control the fire.  When I talk to older people in San Francisco about the 1906 earthquake, they mostly remember it as the 1906 fire and not the earthquake, even though the fire was caused by the earthquake.




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