children and earthquake safety

17 01 2008

[By Shideh]  I came across an interesting presentation by IIEES’ (International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology) public education department in regards to earthquake safety and particularly children’s safety programs currently being developed in Iran: 

 A few highlights: About 131,935 classrooms need to be reconstructed; 126,010 classrooms need to be strengthened; 39% of schools need to become safe… 


Current efforts by the Ministry of Education: strengthening of 150 schools was begun in 2002; School safety act was passed by the Parliament for reconstructing and strengthening 257,945 vulnerable classrooms (39% of total) within the next 4 years.  Budget: $4 billion. 

There are national programs underway for new and existing schools; however, there is still need to establish specific standards and guidelines for “safe schools” and to oversee their adequate design and construction (the hardest part in a third world country).  There is also need to identify vulnerability of existing schools (qualitative assessment), prioritize according to social, economic, strategic, and structural issues, and establish guidelines for retrofitting those with higher priority.

A great program started by the government and IIEES is integrating “earthquake education and preparedness” into school educational programs.  A simple digram regarding public awareness presented by IIEES which I found useful:





3 responses

17 01 2008

Wow – great info. Very interesting programs. Do you know if these statistics cover all of Iran? Or do they apply to Tehran only??

17 01 2008

I think they apply to the whole country, not Tehran specific.

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