heading to tehran in a few minutes

27 09 2007

[By Shawhin]  We’re at SFO airport right now headed to Tehran for 3 weeks.  Stay posted for some photos and reports from the great city itself.  We’ll have the fortune of meeting with academics in earthquake engineering and planning.  We’ll post pertinent discussions on tehranshake.

If you have any particular questions you’d like us to ask for you – don’t hesitate to let us know.

 الان در فرودگاه «سان فرانسیسکو» منتظرپرواز به تهران هستیم! به مدت سه هفته آنجا خواهیم بود.  منتظر مطلب و عکس از تهران روی «تهران شیک» باشید.  خوشبختانه تونستیم قرارهایی با چندین دانشگاه و استادهای زلزله وطراهی شهر(؟) بگذاریم.  اگر سوأل خواصی برایشان دارید، بهمون خبر بدین.




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28 09 2007
Hooman Hosseinpour

My warmest regard to you both:

I hope you have a great time in our mother land, and enjoy your time with your family and friends. safar bekheir baashe ishaalaa …

I am enthusiastically looking forward to hearing news from you regarding your meetings with academics in earthquake engineering.

In addition to your great questions, please ask them about their future plans. What is their perspective? Are they really able to do research? What are their main obstacles (rules, funding, technology, …) What kind of research study have they done for earthquake problem in Tehran??? Please also ask them whether they have communications or cooperation with other academics in earthquake engineering abroad? If so, what have been their major achievements? What are their expectations from Iranian researchers and students abroad?

Finally, please let them know about expectations of researhcers and students abroad from academics in Iran, and please try to figure out how this academic relationship can be made closer and stronger. Thank you.

Take care, and hope to see …

1 10 2007

Bache ha,
Have a great time in Iran. Jaye ma ro ham khali konin. The questions on my mind are probably not technical enough for academicians, but I want to know how feasible it is to “earthquake proof” residential houses in Tehran, and if that’s even an option. If not, what do they think about the idea of moving the capital as you have suggested?

Mokhles, va baz ham bessssyaar khosh begzare. I miss the smell of Tehran, believe it or not!

6 10 2007
hooman modabber

Dear Mrs Dashty ;

I hope that you are fine .
You are welcome to Iran.
I will be in tehran around akhar mehr for meeting some professors in iiees ,sharif and tehran university .
I will be in tehran for at least three day.
I hope to see you .
How could I contact to you in tehran?

11 10 2007
hooman modabbernia

Dear Shawhin;

Omidvaram shoma khob bashid .khedmate khanome mohandes dahsty salame man ra beresanid .
dar tehran dr nateghi elahi dar IIEES VA doctor sarv ghadde moghaddam kheily mitavanand be shoma komak konand .
Agar pishe anha raftid salame garme man ra beresanid.

11 10 2007
hooman modabbernia

dear shawhin;

Dr nateghi dar IIEES -Professor ARBABI OSTADE bazneshaste daneshgha michigan ke alan dar iiees tashrif darand mitavanand kheily be shoma komak konand. dar zemn saleme man ra khedmate anha beresanid

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