heading to tehran in a few minutes

27 09 2007

[By Shawhin]  We’re at SFO airport right now headed to Tehran for 3 weeks.  Stay posted for some photos and reports from the great city itself.  We’ll have the fortune of meeting with academics in earthquake engineering and planning.  We’ll post pertinent discussions on tehranshake.

If you have any particular questions you’d like us to ask for you – don’t hesitate to let us know.

 الان در فرودگاه «سان فرانسیسکو» منتظرپرواز به تهران هستیم! به مدت سه هفته آنجا خواهیم بود.  منتظر مطلب و عکس از تهران روی «تهران شیک» باشید.  خوشبختانه تونستیم قرارهایی با چندین دانشگاه و استادهای زلزله وطراهی شهر(؟) بگذاریم.  اگر سوأل خواصی برایشان دارید، بهمون خبر بدین.


khaanoom mohandes

7 09 2007

[By Shideh] 

Today I attended a meeting at PEER (Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research) head quarters, here in Berkeley, with a team of visiting engineers from Pakistan.  They were mostly interested to learn about the progress in earthquake engineering practice and research in the U.S. and the performance and success of research supported by government organizations.  During the meeting, from what I heard, I thought Pakistan and Iran have a lot in common (culturally and socially) and creating joint programs between the two countries can be effective in their progress. 

Another topic of interest in this meeting was how to increase women participation in engineering, in Pakistan.  Read the rest of this entry »

interested in earthquake engineering?

7 09 2007

[By Shideh] For those interested in Earthquake Engineering: GEER (standing for GeoEngineering Earthquake Reconnaissance), a U.S. based organization aimed to document geotechnical engineering effects of important earthquakes and to advance research and practice in this field, has a great website with a collection of stunning photographs and detailed reconnaissance reports of the damage observed after major earthquakes around the world.