getting to know tehran

25 08 2007

[By Shideh]  As one of many Tehran lovers, I found it fascinating to go through a few old pictures of this city, each showing her rich history and significant role in Iran’s socio-political movements.  Shahram Razavi has a wonderful collection of old Tehran pictures at  

I’m including a few of his photographs below.  But make sure to visit his site as he has gathered an extensive collection of amazing photographs.  

On a different level, Ja’far Shahri — a Tehrani writer (1914-1994) — wrote an extremely creative and fascinating chronicle of Tehran’s twentieth-century social history.  He wrote about twenty books most of which about Tehran.  Abbas Milani has dedicated a chapter of his book “Lost Wisdom – Rethinking Modernity in Iran” to Ja’far Shahri’s personal odyssey which you may find helpful in better understanding Tehran — “a city with a long history and a short memory.”

old-tehran1.jpg old-tehran2.jpg old-tehran4.jpg 

 old-tehran5.jpg old-tehran-6.jpg old-tehran-7.jpg




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