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3 07 2007

[By Shideh]  (See Hooman’s comment on the welcome page.) I agree with you that we should eventually start thinking of ways to implement solutions that we discuss. I think we should have a separate section where we can discus ideas only on implementing infrastructure related solutions alone.  The challenge is how to make our ideas heard by the people who make policies and those who make sure the law is in effect. I will write more about this soon, as I still need to learn much. This may also be a great topic for discussion. 

It is true that in finding and implementing our solutions, we should abandon the kind of thinking that has lead us to the current state of our country (at least for its infrastructure). One of the great problems that we face, I think, is lack of hope for our future and lack of confidence in our own capabilities. As we grow up, we seem to forget how one individual can in fact make a world of difference and we lose hope for our surrounding. Most of us eventually leave Iran and leave it for the rest of the hopeless population to reform and bring change. It is intriguing to be hopeless as we think we have every reason to lose hope given the current state of problems. Hopelessness alone can prevent both people and policy makers from moving forward and traps them in a state where creativity, group work, trust, and confidence can no longer be asked for. There are a few groups in Iran, though, who seem to be making great progress in their own fields (i.e. environmental policies, HIV prevention, etc.) and it seems to me that their strongest weapon is purely to create hope and to move parallel to social obstacles as opposed to colliding with them. 

We’re looking forward to hearing more about the communication problem after natural disasters. That’s a great topic to discuss, as I know that, for example, after 9/11 that was a major shortage and caused a lot of damage. 




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5 07 2007

i like this quote “their strongest weapon is purely to create hope and to move parallel to social obstacles as opposed to colliding with them. ” well said…

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