tehran and tehrani’s

29 06 2007

[By Shideh]  An interesting article by BBCPersian on Tehran which provides great insight into understanding the social psychology of Tehranians and their love/hate relationship with their city.  When planning alternatives to Tehran for the country’s political capital, it may be useful to take note of how Tehran has related to its inhabitants and what roles it plays in their day to day lives. 


tehran-traffic-1.jpg    tehran-traffic-2.jpg 

“Tehran has turned into a culture, a way of life, a dream, or even a curse.”

“Some say other cities in Iran have suffered greatly for Tehran’s popularity.”   “A city is not only a place for social life.   A city is a character that has a personality, lives, grows, influences her surroundings, and is influenced by her people.” 

This page also has a lot of interesting sections specifically about Tehran: http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/news/cluster/2007/06/070622_ka_tehran.shtml




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29 06 2007

While I was browsing on BBCPersian, I came accross some articles specifically about congestion, pollution, etc:

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