iran petrol rationing

28 06 2007

[By Shideh] As you might have heard by now, the Iranian government has limited the purchase of subsidized gasoline, in order to limit rapidly increasing gas consumption.  Here is a video of an interview with a few people waiting in a long line for gas yesterday:  

Although Iran possesses huge reserves of oil and natural gas, due to lack of enough refineries, it needs to import more than $4 billion of refined petroleum each year.   

Despite the angry reaction of many people though, Tehran’s normally hectic traffic seems to have ceased as many stay home to conserve gasoline or wait in long lines.   

I think this may be a good program but it should have been done with better planning.  It may, in the long run, have a profound impact on unnecessary driving and congestion. I’m, however, concerned about the cost of such limitations for families whose income mostly relies on gas (i.e. motorists, taxi drivers, etc.).  What are your thoughts on the new restrictions?  what alternatives are there for reducing gas consumption?




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